Hi. I’m Anthony, the brand conductor
of Cut Collective.

I love working with brands with a vision. Really.

But I understand when the vision gets cloudy and you need a second opinion from someone who understands your field of work.

I’ve scaled two businesses that focused on community-building and have sold one. I’ve also helped incubate brands such as And Our, Deluxe Queer, Underscore_SF, and more!

In my freetime, I teach K-pop classes and prepare my taxes. (Yes, you can ask about it.)

Join me for 6 weeks of 5% pivots.

More of
my story!

I’m the former editor in chief of Bob Cut Mag (since acquired July 2021). You may know me from my stories I've written or know me from Grindr. My favorite thing about what I do (creatively) is getting to platform people, their stories, and show a wide audience why this person is really cool. Getting to be able to create gets me out of bed.

But I don't hold any formal training in editorial, writing, or content (I do in photography however,) I just went out and did the damn thing. I reached out to makers, creators, designers, founders, chefs, activists, you name it and asked "can I do a story about you and can I take your picture." From there, now 7 years later, Bob Cut Mag has become a namesake brand about San Francisco and the people who inhabit it.

In March of 2021, I started designing non-binary fashion (my top is something I made.) And Our was born from my scholarship to Sophia Amoruso’s Business Class. It’s going well so far and it really helps me keep creatively sharp.