I’m all about helping you make change happen.

You see, it’s very easy.

We meet together every week for 6 weeks to work out your pivot on your brand.

It can be as big as changing direction.

Or as small as transitioning into a new phase.

These steps help us keep each other accountable and in the end, we make significant growth on the direction of your business, passion, launch. Whatever it is! 💕

$2000 for 6 weeks or
5 payments of $499.99 

Every week we meet for an hour to talk everything your business, your goals, and how we can make small pivots that reach.

Here’s a week-by-week summary!

  1. Facing the issue
  2. Where do we find commonalities?
  3. Let’s build the first step!
  4. What worked?
  5. Let’s iterate
  6. The Wrap Up!